A Combination of Skill and Luck Makes You a Great Poker Player

This is one of the questions that are asked the most in the poker sector and it does seem to get ignored by a lot of people. A lot of people cannot really answer the question because there is not one true answer. But let's have a quick look at unravelling some of the answers and seeing what the game is all about, is it just skill or luck?

Lets take a quick glance as to some reasons you need chance to be succesful in a game of poker, its simply because you do not have the power to be dealt the best cards, so if you get a bad hand then you are alot more likely to lose.

Skill also plays a major part in the game of poker, as we mentioned above you have to know when you have been dealt a bad hand and no when to give up, if you constantly play with band hands then you are likely to lose a lot of money, you have to judge the players around you and a good poker play will be able to tell whether or not they can progress with the game. You also have to know how and when to call a good bluff.

In my opinion I feel that the game is actually about both elements. But over the space of a few months I believe that skill and technique creeps in a lot more. For example if a beginner poker player played ten games against some one that has that little bit more skill then them they would probably end up winning 1 or 2 but the advanced player would come out a lot more successful.

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