Are You Better at Online or Offline Poker?

Most poker players have there preferences of either playing poker online or visiting a local casino to play. There are many differences in the two worlds and one question that I am always asked is what is the difference between online or offline play poker mode? Let us quickly look at the main differences.

1) You have to be a lot quicker at online poker as it is played at breath taking speeds. Players have to act within 20-30 seconds before the timer goes off leaving very little time to think. While in a real life game you have a lot of time to study the scenario around you.
2) People assume that it is a lot easier to play online, but this is just not a true fact. Both are equivalent.
3) One of the most important aspects when playing poker is being able to read your opponent, this is very hard online so you have to create yourself a different set of skills.
4) Whilst playing online you can have a wider range of benefits such as signup credits, referral credits and Rakeback programs.
5) I will render this fact again because its probably the most important. While you are playing online there is no chance to have a break or snack because your eyes need to be on the screen at all times.

As you can see both can be very rewarding in there own individial and unique ways. But if you are an excellent poker player then it doesnt matter where you play. Many of the payouts online are just as big as offline payouts. With the growth of the internet at its peak online jack pots are set to get a lot larger than they used to be.