Confusing your opponents in online poker tournaments.

One of the biggest challenges when playing online poker tournaments is understanding how to create a profile for yourself that confuses your adversaries. Ideally you will make a few cheap plays that will leave your opponents thinking you are a weak player.

Forethought should always be taken however, because your adversaries in the early stages of online poker tournaments are willing to risk far more than you would expect.Once you make it past the early rounds though, you will find more tight-aggressive players that can fall into your trap if you mix up your game and hand choice prudently.

Your goal here is create confusion in your opponents and that may take some experience to do correctly and inexpensively. You might not be as good at making reads, and are further obstructed by not being able to look an opponent in the face while playing online.

So extra caution is needed, as well as a serious dedication to pot control in each hand that you are involved in. This is paramount and goes to your emotional training and experience in playing poker, because you will often run into aggressive, prudent opponents and your inner urges may lead you to clashes where you’re far behind.

This is often the largest hump to get over when improving your poker game, but you must do it so as to avoid being too easily decipherable by acute opponents. For long term winning in poker tournaments, a lack of control will cost you money.

This is a strategy I often use when starting a poker tournament. Take a connector hand or two, and be intent on raising with them whenever you get them dealt to you during the tournament. Of course, not always in case someone else went all in before you or made a huge raise from early position, but you when you are in those small ball pots against strong players, raise with your 67 suited, your J9os or your Th8h.

It really doesn’t matter which hands you pick but try and choose ones that have flush or straight potential. The added bonus here is that if your opponents are using poker software to track your style of play they are getting misinformation.