Customized Poker Chips – Put Selected Likeness On Your Own Chips

If you are fascinated by watching the poker games you see played at casinos, then your eyes are no doubt drawn to the colorful chips. Casinos typically use chips designed just for them. Every casino orders its own set of custom made poker chips, stamped with its unique personalized symbols. The custom poker chips, however, are not a product that is reserved just for casinos –  you can design and order your own set.

Think about it –  all your close friends get together at the poker table and you astonish them with custom poker chips. Customized poker chips can be decorated with photos of your beloved ones, of favorite animals and places, and even of the current American President. For example, you could be playing card-games with your relatives, using your custom poker chips. One of the players declares, “I call with one Fido”, and you answer, “I raise with one President!”

Of course, if you are regularly hosting cash games and tournaments, then custom made poker chips will really liven things up. With custom poker chips, personalized according to your requirements, you can take the level of your games to a whole new level. Furthermore, you can give some custom poker chips as a parting gift to the players, so that they always remember and recommend the games your host.

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Custom Poker Chips –  How you can Purchase Them and Putting Them Through Their Paces
Custom made poker chips are readily available at a number of Internet stores., and are just a few examples of places that specialize in creating chips to your specifications. The sites have an impressive list of pre-made templates. Just add your image or inscription to a template or create a one of a kind chip design.

Customized poker chips vary widely in terms of cost and quality. If your games are played are friendly at home games, place an order for the basic plastic and metal chips –  they can cost about 10 cents each. For cash games, you should buy a high quality chip, of at least the quality of ceramic chips. A customized ceramic chip has a higher price of 75 cents on average. And if you own a casino, you must go for the best quality available –  the clay chips. You should deal directly with the leading manufacturers for top quality, such as Paulson or Blue Chip Company, and order custom poker chips made specifically for your establishment.

After you receive a few custom made poker chips, you will want to try them out before placing another order. Test the image to see how durable it is by dropping a few drops of water on a chip. Drinks are usually served with the poker games and you want to be sure that your chips can stand up to moisture, if they are to be handled with moist hands. Feel the ripples on the chip’s rolling edge –  are they rough and noticeable? Finally, rub a couple of custom poker chips together –  are they scratching each other?

Friends and family members always welcome the opportunity to relax at a friendly poker table. Having a beautiful set of custom poker chips makes the poker experience even more unforgettable! Carefully select the best chips for your games and your tables will be the talk of the town.