Do Sports Betting Systems Really Work?

Truth be told, there are really only a few great sports betting systems on line these days and with all of the crap out there it’s tough to find the ones that work.There are a lot of  scammers on line these days that will promise you the moon just to get your moneyand once they have it they are no where to be found.

How often have you heard “Get Tonight’s Game of the Century, It’s Guaranteed to Win” or “We have our 10 star lock of the year going off this weekend”? Well, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I use to fall for this crap and it cost me a lot of money.I hate to be the one to have to tell you  this, but there is no such thing as a “Sure Thing”.With that said, there is a way that you can earn serious profits betting on sports, but a few things are required on you part to make this happen.

1.Choosing a Profitable Sports Betting Program – This by far is the most important thing you can do and it is the reason that it’s number one my list.If you don’t follow a profitable sports betting system then you are pretty much dead from the get go.So what makes a sports betting system great?

i) It has to have shown profits over time.Anyone can win in the short term, but if it doesn’t produce positive results over an extended period of time then it’s worthless to you.
ii) It has to be easy to understand.Unfortunately if the system is much too complicated to figure out what to bet on then it’s as good as worthless to you.
iii) Needs to included sound mathematical principles and not based on hunches.Betting based on just a  feeling is one of the quickest ways for you to lose all of your cash.
iv) It needs to be fast, so that you can determine where to place your bets without spending hours.I’m sure you would agree, but I really don’t have the time in the day to take 2-3 hours to figure out my sports bets.

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2.Choosing a Honest On line Sports Book – This is definitely the second most important.Now Just imagine you found yourself a profitable sports betting system to follow, you make your bets and you win.Everything is great, but when you go to withdraw your money, the on line sports book that you are using is no longer in business.What a sickening experience.You need to make sure that you are using a reputable company that has been in business for quite some time and will be for a lot longer.

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3.Bankroll Management – This is another important aspect of being successful with sports betting.No matter how much money you have, you should only be using a small percentage of it for each wager.I personally use is 5% on systems that I’m flat betting (same amount per game) and I use 2% if it’s a progressive system (where increase your bets after a loss).Betting too much of your bankroll on one match just isn’t smart.Remember if you don’t have any more money left after you lose then you are out of the game.

4.Discipline – If you don’t have the discipline to stick to your system, then you are really limiting your chance of success.No system wins everyday or even every week.You need to be able to get through the losing streaks knowing that over long run you will be showing profit.Discipline combined with proper bankroll management are really the 2 keys to becoming successful with sports betting.

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