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Since the modern lifestyle occupies us with so many other issues and we do not have the luxury of time and expertise to keep pace with handicapping on our own strength, the easier way to make money on sports handicapping is to take the guidance of free pick lines. As a layman, if you are not able to make money on your own picks every week, it is time to consult a professional, who will give you picks at no cost and help you to not only make money but also save you time.   The handicap  professionals at are available to give you exclusive sports picks at no expense to you on possible winners in basketball, football and baseball.

The service provides daily picks for football, basketball and baseball to visitors the first time and subsequent picks have to be bought either online or over the phone. The picks are suggested based on an hour to hour watch of the betting chances to identify the best on the Vegas board. Visitors to the site can also avail of a good variety of online probabilities which are of good reputation as well as protected, facilitating easy pay-ins and payouts. Basketball handicapping experts can give you good free picks through prerecorded messages on their phone lines and it is recommended to take them as they are well tuned to the developments of the sport on a real time basis. They are able to do so because they have access to inside information, are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of players for a particular game, thereby enabling them to furnish calculated picks. This online sports service offers first timers to the site, the wonderful gain of on the house weekend options having complimentary NFL picks with it as well.
Some Types of Bets

Basic Wagering and Vigorish

In this, the sports book extracts its commission of 4.5% or 5% on all the bets placed, the only condition being that the money wagered on the underdog as well as the favorite should remain the same.

Straight Bets

  In a bet, where the bettor puts his wager on a team which he feels will win and is one of the more popular bets is called the straight bet.


This bet is applicable for both football and basketball where gamblers take a position that both teams participating will either score under or over a particular line total which is usually the sum total of the points the two teams are expected to score.  


This bet is one where two or more than two single game bets are considered as one and to emerge victorious in a parlay, the gambler must bet correctly on every game considered in the parlay.

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