Eurolottery Prize Structure

Euro millions lottery is quite different. These winnings are based on a percentage base of the prize fund. All the winnings count for 84% of the prize fund with an additional 16% held in reserve as the Booster Fund. This amount is added to the jackpot during each respective rollover.

The odds of winnijg any prize in theĀ  Euro million lottery is one in twenty-four The jackpot accounts for 22% of the prize fund. One major and exciting factors with the Euro lottery is thatĀ  after the eleventh rollover the Euro millions lottery begins what is a roll back. This is where if there is no jackpot winner then it is awarded to the next tier down. Thereby the chances of winning the top prize drastically improve. These massive rollovers generated great interest from players around the world all wanting to try their luck and win the hugh jackpot prizes rhat can be generated.

The prize configuration is designed to make sure that eventually there is a jackpot winner and that the winner or winners get the full amount of the jackpot. This is still misleading to those that see the distribution of the prize fund and feel they are still being denied their full award. The simplicity of the Euro million lottery prize distribution is a fair . Some people complain at this, but they are just too greedy.

Euromillions has been one of the fastest growing lotteries in the world. It has a strong influence in a number of countries and shown signs that it will be expanding to even more in the very near future. Signs are that other countries in Europe will join the Euromillions mega and it will turn into a Europe wide lotto.

Euro millions lottery has shown an innovative award system and a means that has set a new standard in the lottery world. The Euromillions approach, although unique, has similarities to the National Lottery in the UK. Euromillions and National Lottery are run by Camelot in the UK. Euro millions lottery has had a number of massive winners and the Euro millions influence is felt in many countries, not just in Europe but throughout the world.

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