False Favorites Review – Killer Ways To Keep Your Profits Rolling

False Favorites Review System Info

The False Favorites system embodies years of experience and research by author Jonathan Burgess who is a fully accredited Betfair trainer. The ebook contains all you need to know on the most fundamental rules of the game, latest racing trends and how to select and specialize in race betting to ensure long-term gains and not just fits of betting luck. Independent tests by top ranked betting websites have found solid proof on the success and long-term profitability of the system.

Only the Latest Information Will Do
It is absolutely imperative to update your betting tactics and strategies as required to ensure non-stop winning. Jonathan believes that your tricks and approach to betting should change as the seasons do. A system which worked a year ago will definitely not be successful today. The system even caters for these special changes and updates by sending an email to you as soon as the changes happen as an added bonus to your purchase.

Ebook Content
You will get instant download access to a newly updated manual in PDF format with unambiguous instructions on how to navigate, find and analyze all the elements of a horse race, not just betting, as well as the 10 golden rules successful punters religiously follow. The guide is the most comprehensive guide to punting you are likely to find with unambiguous guidelines on punting elements, top 10 rules successful punters follow religiously, fundamental differences of every race type, race type pitfalls, how to identify either a winning or losing favorite and short prices favorites, race card examination, avoiding the recent form trap, factors making a horse a likely winners or losers and last but definitely not least well-known betting odds myths are busted. Real-life race screen shots and examples are included in the ebook, giving you a realistic glimpse of actual racing situations.

Not Just Lady Luck
The False Favorites Review aims on the all important balance between psychology, statistics and form to achieve optimum betting success. The sooner punters realize that betting is not merely about luck, the sooner he or she will turn into a profitable and highly successful better.

Based on Honesty and Facts
The False Favorites Review is based entirely on facts, derived from tested betting tactic and strategies by author Jonathan Burgess. The author Jonathan Burgess is straight forward and upfront with no long sales pitches and unrealistic promises. He takes the approach of teaching you how to fish instead of promising to catch the fish for you.

System Pricing
For the very affordable price of GBP27.99 will you be investing in your long-term wealth, while keeping in mind that the purchase price will be returned within your first few bets. A real bargain if you take into consideration all you’re getting and when compared to similar betting systems. All major credit or debit card are accepted as well as Paypal transfers.

With the purchase of False Favorites ebook you will get freebies to value of more than GBP 200. Freebies include guide on drifting favorites, the 10 biggest mistakes punters make, a monthly newsletter with most recent tactical updates and a member’s only subscription to “Betting School Insiders Report”.

The system comes standard with a fantastic 100% money back guarantee, making the purchase a real risk-free long-term investment. A win-win situation for one and all.