How to make money bonus bagging

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In order to profit from free bonuses offered by online casinos you need to adopt a strategy whereby you stand the best possible chance of generating a decent profit. In order to carry out such a strategy you must select a game that the casino allows the bonus to played out on games such as roulette are often exluded, when you have identified the games that can be applied to the bonus pick the game with the lowest house edge. The most common and popular game in using bonus bagging techniques to withdraw online casino bonuses is black jack otherwise known as 21s. Blackjack is the game of choice in bonus bagging for many players this is because it’s a numerically sound game where the house or dealer has very little edge over players of the game. bonus bagging used in conjunction with blackjack has a proven track record in producing good results for wagering out casino bonuses.


In order to be successful at bonus bagging you need to play a good game of black jack. There are loads of tutorials online teaching people how to use black jack strategies. I suggest you do a google search on the topic and find an explanation of the game so that you know the best moves to make with particular cards etc. The negative side to learning how to bonus bagging this way is that it takes time as its all hands on and manual. For example if a bonus wagering requirement equates to 2000 dollars then you must wager this amount to cash out any profits. Using a perfect black strategy you will play out the bonus with 1 dollar hands each time. As you can imagine this takes a fair amount of time, ill let you do the mathematics, needless to say it takes a while.


There is an easier and much quicker way to play a bonus bagging strategy and that is to use a bonus bagging bot that automates playing blackjack without you having to sit in front of the PC. There happens to be a variety of different bonus bagging bots available on the internet I recommend casibot as a solid bagging solution. If you decide to use a bonus bagging bot however I do suggest you play spearing and try to mimic human behaviour, by this I mean don’t let the bot run for 6 hours on the trot without taking a break. Abusing the bots power like this will draw attention to your account and the online casino may infer that you are indeed using a bot. However if you are sensible and take a sensible approach the chances of getting caught are very slim. The key to using bagging software is to use it little and often.