Lotto Winner: Will You Be the Lucky One?

Lotto Winner

If you happen to be a lotto winner your life is never going to be the same again. Not only your life, but your friends’ and relatives’ lives will also change, and the change may not be very positive. Life-changing things have happened to people who have suddenly attained the status of being a lotto winner.

No matter how you have won the lotto, whether you drew the winning numbers yourself or used the windows lotto pro software, the fact is that you will be richer by tens of millions of pounds or euros, and things will start to change almost overnight.

Mark Gardiner won a record prize of £ 11 million and knew that all his problems were a thing of the past. However, though his present problems vanished, Mark found himself with new ones that he was not capable of or trained to handling. Mark won the jackpot with business partner and friend Paul Maddison. Together they won a record £ 22 million; Mark’s share was £ 11 million. Paul shunned the limelight and retreated in the background while Mark decided to have some fun.

Before he could believe it, Mark blew half of his winnings. Though he gave to friends and relatives, bought expensive cars and houses, married and then divorced, his problems never seemed to end. His family disowned him just as if he had committed a crime. Finally he regained his bearings and is now wiser and remarried to his first wife, a childhood sweetheart, whom he had divorced when he was penniless.

Happily, however, not all stories are as heart breaking as the one mentioned above. There have been innumerable people who have made good on their fortune and remained grounded. Ianthe Fullagar, while a student, won an astonishing £ 7,055,142. After screaming in disbelief she settled down and called her family, and her boyfriend, and shared the news with them. Ianthe intends to share her new found wealth with her near ones and to continue to pursue her degree in law. The only thing she planned to buy was a brand new car.

One anonymous winner donated all his winnings of $3 million to his church without batting an eye. The church has decided to not only expand its facilities to accommodate a growing congregation, but to donate some of the money to charities as well.

The point is, as a lotto winner you now are in the enviable position to do a lot of good for yourself and for those around you. Also, your community will benefit — if you maintain a cool head and spend the money wisely.

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