MLB Betting Systems

If you’ve been trying to find ways to make some money, sports betting is a great way to bring in some extra cash flow.  However, it’s also an incredibly risky way, especially since it’s considered gambling.  The idea of sports betting is not a new concept and, in fact, it’s been a popular way of gambling for many years.

When you first start betting, the first thing you should do is understand the terms used in the industry.  For example, handicap (can also be used as handicapper).  This term is basically referring to someone else who does the research/hard work and recommends certain bets to you.

Make sure to do research on your chosen handicap.  Yes, while sports betting is gambling, it is mostly about odds.  You want to make sure the person you will be using as your handicap knows the odds, and also has a track record of proven bets.  You can find an excellent handicapper right here: Champ Selections

If you’ve ever wondered how people make money with sports betting, this article is for you. Winning gamblers spend a good amount of time combining and calculating whatever variables they take into account to make their picks. Sports betting is really about odds, not luck. A lot of people don’t understand baseball betting and many don’t get involved as they don’t have time to study teams, statistics, pitchers and all the information needed to be successful in baseball gambling.

Betting on baseball is one of the easiest ways to make money gambling as it’s one of the easiest sports to handicap – or the obvious reason – your team wins, your wager wins. I will omit the basics of baseball here assuming that you know the sport, terminology and statistics involved. In football and basketball, team vs. team handicapping is the key – but with baseball you have double the handicapping opportunity since both team and pitching match-ups can offer a winning edge.

6 mlb betting strategies:

Rule #1 Never play heavy favorites. Never bet on a team that is over -150

An example of this: player needs to win 40% of +150 dogs to break even vs. 60% of -150 favorites.

If you predict that team has a 65% chance of winning and you bet it at -250 – forget about it.

Wins and losses are so irrelevant when betting on MLB. You got to love big dogs in baseball.

Consider bullpen depth of the team if it’s line is close to -150. If a bullpen has over a 3.50 ERA, and the closer is struggling or giving up late runs, be more careful.

Rule #2 Never bet action. Listed pitchers in your baseball picks only.

Rule #3 Never bet the run line (run line is essentially a point spread for baseball).

Rule #4 Never bet a favorite when that team is going for a series sweep.

Rule #5 Starting pitcher is not worth as much as you might think.

Rule #6 Home dogs are stronger.

Hopefully, this article has given you some tips you can start using to place your own baseball bets. In all honestly, you should figure out and calculate your own bets if you want to become a professional sports better. Soon you should be well on your way to placing your own mlb bets. You can get more sports betting stategy and mlb betting strategies by visiting