Sports Betting Scams to Avoid

I am sure you all have seen the ads for the handicapper’s that claim to have inside team information and “The 20 Star Lock of the Year”.You can find these services several ads in any newspaper sports pages, as well as on the Internet.

Taking advantage of people’s ignorance and greed is what these services do best. Usually these “experts” boast an incredible and unbelievable winning percentage of something like 80 percent.

Among the sports betting public there is a cancer known as scamdicappers.These people don’t care about earning money for their customers. This scam is quite easy to understand, and with a virtually endless supply of willing victims, might go on for a long, long time.

Naive gamblers by the hundreds will always be around. Some might have really gotten themselves deeply in the red, but others are motivated by greed and are sure they’ll win. Whether sensing desperation or lust for money, gamblers phone an expert like this to get a free pick and a huge payoff. At the end of the call, the gambler has wired money through Western Union for a “sure-fire” pick package.To add insult to injury, the con artists don’t even put money down on what they recommend.  As I stated before, their picks have no value, but they make money selling them.

The scam is very easy. The fake handicapper simply tells each of his callers to wager on different teams. They clearly expect those who arbitrarily win to be in contact again, this time wishing  to buy an ‘upgraded’  package.

One example would be that four separate people try to call a handicap service the day the Jets/Dolphins and the 49’ers/Chargers games are being offered to gamble on. Once they get the caller’s complete relevant details the service informs the first caller of the days picks, the New England and San Francisco teams. Caller 2 is told that the Bills and Seahawks are to teams to wager on. The first caller is instructed to bet on one game while the next is told to go for another.

As is apparent, a single caller will proceed with 2-0. The person calling usually ends up purchasing a costly pick package. Two others go 1-1 and only need to pay juice. This pair of callers might be persuaded to try out the service once more. To sweeten the deal and to put them back in the lottery for the lucky pick and a subsequent pick’s package they are also promised another free pick. probably a good deal of money to either a bookie or online sportsbook.

By multiplying these callers by a factor of hundreds or so weekly, it is easy to see how much money this con can make. Even if you originally got the winning picks, the odds are against you that you’ll keep getting them. Eventually you lose any money you might have won with the lucky picks and usually end up in a bigger hole than before you made that fateful call. Once you become aware of having been conned, it is simple to decide to stop use of this service. Unfortunately by then it’s too late. 

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