Win Prizes Playing Casino Style Games

Trader Auction Games, as the name suggests, is a site where you get to trade points won on free trivia games for real items in a fast paced auction. Auction items include cash and other valuable prizes. You do have to be over 18 years of age to participate but the good news is that membership to the TAG site is free.

As well as unique puzzle games there’s also no-brainer games like bingo and slots. You won’t find the TAG City exciting games on any other games site. They have been specifically built and designed for Trader Auction Games members. In the not to distant future the TAG site will add free hunting games and sports games and they may even develop flash games for smoother play and more bonus game features. You’re able to win money, points and prizes playing their exciting range of free Internet games. There’s even free online casino bonuses to be won with popular online casinos. Members of the TAG site are able to communicate with each other in a chat box below the games. Periodically a quiz will pop up in the chat and TAG members are able to answer the questions to win money and points. The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s song quiz questions are most popular with Trader Auction Game members. There’s also a large range of general knowledge questions as well. The TAG chat quiz game has been built to be entertaining for all members. Almost every day there’s one or more TAG tournaments being played on the games for cash and prizes. The slots tournaments are the easiest to win as very little skill is required by players. The tournament winner is simply the member who has won the most points playing the set number of spins for that tournament. Games of skill are more difficult to win but members are rewarded very well for their knowledge.